Production of ethane dichloride



PURPOSE:To provide a method for producing ethane dichloride, capable of lowering and constantly maintaining the concentration of unreacted chlorine in the reaction product solution of ethylene with chlorine, and capable of readily and automatically controlling the concentration. CONSTITUTION:A method for producing ethane dichloride comprising feeding ethylene to a part or all of the ethane dichloride obtained by the reaction of ethylene with chlorine, reacting the fed ethylene with unreacted chlorine in the produced ethane dichloride, measuring the reaction heat as a difference between the reaction temperatures before and after the reaction. further feeding ethylene, again measuring a difference between the reaction temperatures in a same manner, determining the change in the reaction heat as a change in the temp. difference, and subsequently controlling the amounts of the ethylene and the chlorine on the basis of the determined value, and a method for producing the ethane dichloride comprising allowing an alkali hydroxide aqueous solution to absorb unreacted chlorine in a generated exhaust gas, and detecting the abnormality in the feeding amounts of the ethylene and the chlorine by the oxidation-reduction potential of the absorbing solution.
(57)【要約】 【目的】エチレン及び塩素の反応生成液中の未反応塩素 濃度を低くし、かつ一定に保つことを可能とする、しか も自動制御も容易な二塩化エタンの製造方法を提供す る。 【構成】エチレン及び塩素との反応により得られる二塩 化エタンの一部もしくは全部に対し更にエチレンをフィ ードして二塩化エタン中の未反応塩素と反応させ、そこ における反応熱をエチレンフィード前後の温度差として 測定し、その後に更にエチレンをフィード反応させ、同 様に温度差を測定し、反応熱の変化量を両温度差の変化 量として得て、その値によりエチレン及び塩素のフィー ド量を制御する二塩化エタンの製造方法、及び発生する 排ガス中の未反応塩素をアルカリ水酸化物水溶液に吸収 させ、該吸収液の酸化還元電位によりエチレン及び塩素 のフィード量の異常を検知する二塩化エタンの製造方 法。




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