Mounting method for pc exterior wall plate having window sash



PURPOSE: To enhance the easiness in execution of works by mounting a window frame to a PC exterior wall plate through a reinforcing jig, erecting it and fixing to a building mass, and removing the reinforcing jig. CONSTITUTION: With a bolt V, a PC exterior wall plate 4 is fixed to a hang jig 2 which is hung down at a mount table for ground assembly, and a reinforcing jig 5 is coupled with the wall plate 4 by the bolt V. The top of a window sash 6 is secured to the lower part of the wall plate 4 through a metal fixture K, while the bottom is coupled with the reinforcing jig 5 by the use of the fixture K and a bracket 7. This is erected in a specified place on the building mass and stabilized using a camber C, etc., and the wall plate 4 is secured to the over-floor floor plate 3 with the bolt V. The bracket 7 is removed, and the bottom of the sash 6 is fixed by the fixture K to an existing PC exterior wall plate 14 of the under-floor. The jigs 2, 5 are removed from the exterior wall plate 4. This ensures safety, simplifies the processes, and shortens the construction term. COPYRIGHT: (C)1994,JPO&Japio
(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【目的】 下端に窓サッシュを予め地組したPC外壁板 を所定の位置に誘導し取り付ける際に窓サッシュの歪み が発生しないように補強治具を用いた窓サッシュを有す るPC外壁板の取付け工法を提供することである。 【構成】 窓サッシュを有するPC外壁板4を建物の躯 体に取り付ける工法であって、当該PC外壁板4を吊り 治具2によって架台1に吊り下げ、当該PC外壁板4に 装着した補強治具5を介して窓サッシュを装着地組した 後、この窓サッシュ装着済のPC外壁板4を建物の躯体 へ取り付けた後、前記補強治具5を撤去することを特徴 とする窓サッシュを有するPC外壁板4の取付け工法に よって達成される。




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