Refrigerating unit for container



(57)【要約】 【目的】 コントロールボックス25のカバー51の閉め忘 れに起因する制御機器58の短絡事故や腐蝕を防止する。 【構成】 ボックス本体50とカバー51との間にカバーの 閉め忘れを検出するリミットスイッチ60を設け、カバー 51の閉め忘れ時にはこれをブザー等の警告手段63によっ て警告する。
PURPOSE: To securely prevent closing a cover from being for go then by a method wherein there is provided means for sensing a forgetful closing of the cover for opening or closing a front opening of a main body of a box having a control equipment stored in it and when an alarm means is operated when the forgetful closing of the cover is detected. CONSTITUTION: A control box of a refrigerating unit for a container stores control units such as a controller, a recorder and a relay and the like, and then its front opening is opened or closed by a cover 51. This cover 51 is fastened in such a manner that its one side edge is pivotally supported by a hinge and a wing bolt 54 arranged at a bracket 53 projected at the other side edge is threadably fitted into a nut 56 on a fastening piece 55 projected at the main body 50 of the box. In this case, there is provided a limit switch 60 which is turned OFF when the cover 51 is closed at the fastening piece 55. With such an arrangement, in the case that the cover 51 is not closed, the limit switch 60 is turned ON to energize a relay 61 and its contact point 62 is closed, thereby an alarm means 63 such as buzzer is operated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1994,JPO&Japio




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