Production of magnetic recording medium



PURPOSE: To improve traveling stability by irradiating a vapor deposited surface with gaseous ions. CONSTITUTION: A PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film 6 is made to travel on a cooling can 7 from an unwinding roll 4 and a Co-Cr alloy evaporated by heating with an electron beam gun 9 is adhered onto this film. The vapor deposited surface is irradiated with N 2 ions by a Kaufmann's ion gun 11, thereby proper surface roughness is obtd. The film is then taken up on a take-up roll 5. A back coating layer is thereafter applied or formed by vapor deposition on the rear surface the film 6, thereby the magnetic film is obtd. The adequate surface roughness of the magnetic layer is thereby obtd. and the good traveling stability is obtd. Thus, the need for an under coating layer is eliminated, the man-hours for production are decreased and economy is improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1994,JPO&Japio
(57)【要約】 【目的】 蒸着型の磁性層の表面に適当な粗さを付け る。 【構成】 PETフィルム6に電子ビーム銃9により加 熱して蒸発させたCo−Cr合金を付着させた後,その 蒸着面にイオン銃11によりN 2 等のガスイオンを照射す る。




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