Method for evaluating surface properties of wire rod and production of wire rod excellent in wire-drawability



PURPOSE:To secure evaluation to adhesion of scale by using a three-dimensional surface roughness sensor or a two-dimensional surface roughness sensor in the evaluation of adhesion of scale given when the surface of a wire rod is descaled with a mechanical descaler. CONSTITUTION:The adhesion of scale when the surface of the wire rod 1 is descaled with the mechanical descaler is evaluated. The surface properties in the longitudinal direction of the surface of the wire rod are measured with the three-dimensional surface roughness sensor over a specified length. The three-dimensional surface roughness is required from a roughness curve obtained when a cutoff value is given by 0.8mm and when this three-dimensional surface roughness is given by <=0.6mum, the adhesion of scale is decided to be favorable. In this way, the adhesion of scale of the descaled wire rod is evaluated securely, further, when the surface roughness of the roll adjusted by the information of the three-dimensional surface roughness sensor is transferred on the surface of the wire rod, the wire rod excellent in wire-drawability is produced.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 線材表面性状の評価方法および伸線性の良好 な線材の製造方法を提供する。 【構成】 メカニカルデスケーラ5で脱スケールされた 線材1の表面性状を、3次元表面粗度センサ3を用いて 2次元平均振幅スペクトル分布を測定し、データ処理装 置4でPS和を演算した結果が0.5 μm 2 以下であるとき に伸線性が良好であると評価することを可能とする。




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