Output control device for internal combustion engine



(57)【要約】 【目的】 カム切換の完了が判定されたときに燃料供給 量、点火時期を補正し、カム切換時の過渡状態における トルク変動や排気組成の悪化を回避する。 【構成】 カムを切換えるカム切換機構とを備えた内燃 機関において、吸気通路の吸入空気量を計測する手段 と、この吸入空気量に基づいて燃料供給量と点火時期と を演算する手段と、カム切換の確定を判定する手段と、 カム切換直後に前記計測手段で計測される吸入空気量と 実際にシリンダに吸入される空気量との偏差に対応した 燃料供給量と点火時期の補正量を演算する手段と、カム 切換の確定後から前記偏差がほぼ無くなるまでの期間に わたり前記補正量に基づいて燃料供給量と点火時期を補 正する手段とを備える。
PURPOSE:To enhance the drivability and the purification of exhaust gas upon switching of cams by preparing compensation values for a fuel injection volume and an ignition timing, corresponding to cams, and by transiently compensating the fuel injection volume and the ignition timing in accordance with these compensation values. CONSTITUTION:When a cam selection determining means 2 instructs a cam having a different output characteristic on change-over, a measuring means measures a volume of an intake-air in an intake-air passage. A computing means 5 computes a fuel supply volume and an ignition timing in accordance with the intake-air volume. Meanwhile, a cam change-over means 6 judges actual decision of cam change-over, and a computing means 7 computes compensation values for the fuel injection volume and the fuel ignition timing in accordance with a deviation between a measured intake-air volume which depends upon a kind of a cam after cams are changed-over by a cam change-over mechanism 3, and an actual cylinder intake-air volume. Further, a compensating means 8 compensates 4 the fuel supply volume and the ignition timing in accordance with the compensated value over a period from the time of establishment of change-over of the cams to the time when the deviation in the intake-air volume becomes substantially zero.




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