Classifying device for folded sheet or the like



(57)【要約】 【目的】 折り畳まれたシーツ類をサイズごとに正確に 分別できるようにするとともに、分別するための装置 が、その前段の供給装置等に無理なく並設できるように する。 【構成】 前段の装置から供給されたシーツ類を供給方 向とほぼ直交する方向へクロスコンベア1により送りな がら、同直交方向へナイフ2で折り畳むクロスフォルダ 部3と、折り畳み済みのシーツ類を搬送手段4によって 送る経路に設けられた複数の開閉手段5−1、5−2… からサイズごとに落下させる分別部6とを上下2階建構 造に配置し、またフォルダ部出口7と分別部入口8との 間に、折り畳み済みシーツ類を送る移送コンベア9を配 置するとともに、該コンベア9の両端部を円弧状にフォ ルダ部出口7と分別部入口8へ連絡させる。
PURPOSE:To exactly classify a folded-up sheet, etc., at every size, and also, to moderately provide a device for its classification in parallel to a supply device, etc., of its pre-stage. CONSTITUTION:A cloth folder part 3 for holding up a sheet, etc., supplied from a device of a pre-stage with a knife 2 in the orthogonal direction, while feeding them by a cloth conveyor 1 in the direction being roughly orthogonal to the supply direction, and a classifying part 6 for dropping down the folded-up sheet, etc., at every size from plural opening/closing means 5-1, 5-2... provided in a route for feeding them by a carrying means 4 are arranged in the upper and the lower two-story structures. Also, between a folder part outlet 7 and a classifying part inlet 8, a transfer conveyor 9 for feeding the folded-up sheet, etc., is arranged, and also, with end parts of the conveyor concerned 9 are connected to the folder part outlet 7 and the classifying part inlet 8 in a circular arc shape.




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