Image recording device



(57)【要約】 【目的】常に感光材料の所定の位置に正確に光ビームを 入射することができ、色ムラや濃度ムラ等のない高画質 なカラー画像を安定して記録することができる画像記録 装置を提供する。 【構成】複数の光ビームによってカラー感光材料を2次 元的に走査露光する画像記録装置であって、各光ビーム の感光材料への主走査方向および/または副走査方向の 入射位置を検出する検出手段と、この検出手段による光 ビームの入射位置の検出結果に応じて、光ビームの進行 方向を調整する調整手段とを有することにより前記目的 を達成する。
PURPOSE: To record an image of high picture quality without a color irregularity and a density irregularity by providing a means which adjusts the traveling direction of a light beam according to the detection result of a detecting means which detects the incidence position of the light beam. CONSTITUTION: In the image recording device 10 which exposes a photosensitive material in two dimensions by scanning, optical members such as a light source, a return mirror 24, and a polygon mirror 12 are so arranged that the optical path of light beams L (LC, LM, and LY) from a light source to the return mirror 34 and the optical path of a light beam L which is deflected by the return mirror 24 to a main scanning direction are formed crossing each other on the same plane. Further, a light beam detection sensor 50 detects errors of the incidence positions of respective light beams on the photosensitive material in a subscanning direction. Then they are corrected by a processor 52 and a moving means 54 to make each light beam L accurately incident on the photosensitive material at a specific position and the image of high picture quality can be recorded without a color irregularity, a density irregularity, etc. COPYRIGHT: (C)1994,JPO&Japio




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