Circuit for addressing column inside matrix display



(57)【要約】 【目的】 本発明は、NL行とnc列のマトリックスデ ィスプレイ(1) において列にアドレスする回路である。 【構成】 この回路は、スクリーン用データを格納する mビットのNL個の行及びnc個のブロックに組織化さ れる少なくとも1つのRAM(10)からなり、そのRAM 出力はnc個の段とnc個の出力を備える出力回路(11) に接続されており、その出力回路はアクティブマトリッ クス内のnc個の列を直接制御する。
PURPOSE: To eliminate the need of serial data transfer among circuits by using a RAM memory for data storage for a screen and connecting the output to an output circuit. CONSTITUTION: This circuit for addressing columns C 1 , C 2 ,... C nc inside a display is basically provided with at least one volatile memory 10, preferably a video RAM memory. The memory is used so as to store NL×nc×m bits and is divided into the rows of the nc pieces of the blocks of (m) bits preferably. In this case, (m) is a bit number required for coding various gray levels. Also, the respective rows are provided with the nc pieces of the blocks and the memory is provided with the NL pieces of the rows. Then, the nc pieces of the output blocks of the memory are connected to the output circuit 11 provided with the nc pieces of stages and the nc pieces of the columns inside the display 1 are directly controlled. COPYRIGHT: (C)1994,JPO




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